Tuesday, January 24, 2017

7 Reasons to Join D-Student Productions

7 Reasons to Join D-Student Productions

1. Culture

D-Students have their own way of looking at life: Money rules nothing around us. All we care about is friendship. Friendship doesn't keep a tab of who spends what where. Friends all pitch in what they can, when they can. You don't have to kiss anybody's ass, you can joke around, and you can say what you really think, even to the leader. Just be there when it matters, and be there as much as you can just to have fun.

D-Students have our own phrases and inside jokes, like "I fucked a trash can", "boat racing", scoring a "winning lotto ticket", and more. Everyone has an imitation of Joey.
We have our own hats, t-shirts, jacket patches, and many D-Students chop them up into even more unique designs.
We have multiple chapters throughout the world, and hundreds of other D-Students scattered around. Chances are no matter where you are (on the run), there's somebody nearby you could get in touch with for help.
We're all very weird in our own different ways, and because of that, no one judges each other. You can let your freak flag fly here. Everybody has unusual interests, kinks, philosophies, and especially looks.

There aren't too many rules to follow;  mostly common sense stuff. There's nothing to worship, no humiliating initiations, and no contracts to sign. You can come and go as you want.

For girls, no one will ever call you a slut. Sexual freedom is the greatest inequality between men and women right now. D-Student Productions evens the playing field. In fact, we encourage you to explore your sexuality, regardless of where you stand morally. We have girls that never, ever go wild or fool around or show off their bodies and we treat them with the same respect as the girls who love to get naked, get laid, and get others naked and laid. If you want to be treated like a person instead of a trophy (or doormat), you'll like hanging out with us. While we like to use naughty media for propaganda, we only use what we have permission to use. What you see on the internet is only 5% of what we have seen and done; we know it's hard to be a beautiful woman and don't want to embarrass you at work or in front of your family. You can be a star or you can exist only in the shadows, it's your choice.

For guys, no one will ever say your dick is too small. You can whip out whatever you got, and no one will tease or make fun of you. Very few things in life are a big deal on their own (cancer, war, famine). Most everything else, we make into a big deal even though it doesn't have to be. Confidence will get you a lot farther in love and in life than the size of your dick ever will. We teach men to be confident in themselves and how to be leaders in the group and in their own lives.

2. Tribe

A lot of us were lone wolves that never intended on belonging to anything, but we gave D-Student Productions a chance and are better off for it. The concern about joining a group is one's own individuality is compromised, but not here. We empower the individual by giving them access to resources they didn't have before... whether it's artistic tools, or man-power, or even an extra set of hands to move things, or brains to pick for feedback. If you'll accept us for all our wacky ways, we'll accept you too.

Some of us never had anybody at all; no reliable family or friends. We had to show them the basics, of how to say thank you, offer to pitch in for gas, teach them how to act in different social situations. In some areas, D-Student Productions is frowned upon for associating ourselves with "social retards" but somebody had to show them the ropes of life and give them a chance. If not us, then who? Not every story was a success, but we'll take our losses to get to taste victory from time to time.

The bad guys all travel in packs. Shouldn't the good guys too? Behind the propaganda and slogans, good people is what we really try to be and look for in others. Good character beats good looks and personality every time over here.

3. Adventure

We go on a lot of field trips. We have one last Vegas trip and then we pick new locations like Mardi Gras, Florida, Lake Tahoe, Havasu, Frisco, and many more. If you like to sit around and watch Netflix with your buddies while you smoke a bowl and drink beer, this is not the club for you. We're always on the move doing something (you can still smoke and drink), visiting someone, and going out and experiencing life outside of the couch. You don't need to be wealthy to come along; if you got $5 to pitch in for gas, you're doing better than some.

On a whim, we've gone all the way out to Lancaster (2 hour drive from Fullerton). We've kidnapped our friends, told them we were doing to dinner, and it turned into breakfast in Vegas. Sometimes we'll go to Wal-Mart at 3am and do goofy shit. We've invaded Comic Con, movie sets, porn sets, commercials, parties, raves... you never know where we'll show up next.

4. Growth

We all push each other to be better versions of ourselves. Whether it's responding to trouble more maturely, or getting control over addictions, we all work together to reach our individual and group potential. Sometimes it's uncomfortable but it's only because we believe in you. We see what you have to offer and encourage you to turn your weaknesses into strengths. If you want to be a dead beat and hang out with people that have no ambition, this isn't the group for you.

We've helped launch many successful careers, helping artists hone their craft and promoting their work. As a result, D-Student Productions has changed and grown a lot. We started out making goofy YouTube videos in Army barracks. We got more serious over the years, and now we're attending penthouse parties with porn stars and celebrities in Las Vegas. How'd that happen? A very powerful person saw how much we loved each other as friends and wanted to hang out with us too.

5. Fun

If you join D-Student, chances are at some point you will have to act like a kid again. You'll be put in costumes, maybe even make-up. You'll be told to say silly things, do silly things, and do them on camera or in public.

We like to cook and eat. If you want good company for Taco Tuesdays, this is the place for you. If you're a connoisseur of pizza, peanut butter, or coffee, this is the place for you.

6. Community

The city of Fullerton gave us an award for our contributions to the community. If the city counsel could send one of its members to our 10th anniversary party to present us with a certificate of achievement, we must be doing something right. Not bad for a band of pirates and pro-wrestling fans. The real reason is we quietly do a lot of charity work, like feeding the homeless and collecting money for people that don't have anything at christmas time. We've given away money, clothes, even computers.

Everybody has a skill to contribute. Everybody needs those skills at some point in their life... we have hair stylists, photographers, computer techs, video editors, set builders, actors, musicians, DJs, and much more. We're a one-stop shop for creative talent.

7. Memories

There will be a time in your life when you are all grown up and regret not having more fun before you had a lot of responsibilities and not enough time left for yourself. Even if that time is now, you can still come by once every six months for a great time.

When you look back at your life, what will you remember? The 50% of the time you spent at work or in traffic? The other 20% you spent shitting or eating? Or will you remember the crazy personalities, unfiltered stories, and bizarre humor of your time spent with D-Student Productions.

Were you there the time Jenn peed in the lobby planter because she couldn't hold her bladder, and then when Joey got so drunk he couldn't remember what floor our hotel room was on, so he started sniffing planters to find the one that smelled like piss so he knew he was on the right floor?

Were you there when Jeremy was so excited to talk to some girl, that he accidentally ran through the pond?

Were you there for the clown party? The sleepover orgy? Remember the bat-shit crazy chick who originally started the Twisted Queens and left after two weeks?

Were you there when black guys complimented Joey and Aaron's suits? One of them happened to be Krazy Bone, and we didn't know it until he went on stage and grabbed the mic.

Were you at the after party in Vegas that was so wild, girls were climbing in through our window to join in on the fun?

Will you be there for the Mardi Gras invasion in 2018? Will you be there on a random Wednesday night when we have a fire pit and deep conversation about life? Will you be there when we have a gig lined up for a famous celebrity who wants to try their hand at photography and needs some models? Will you listen to D-Student Radio, watch D-Student videos on YouTube, and share them proudly with your friends? Will you be there at rope drop, when we open the warehouse for the first time?


Some of you will read this and scoff and say "yea, but do you even have a mission statement?" Yea, we do. You can read the technical stuff in our SOP, or just watch this video if you still don't get it...

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Introductory Posting

Hi everyone!

Some of you know me from haunt. Others of you don't. I'm Blow Pop (or April Marie but really just call me Blow Pop). I love reading and I'll be doing book reviews. My reviews can be found by clicking the link at the top of the page (Blow Pop's Book Reviews). Within the next week I'll be working on a masterpost of all of my book reviews complete with links to them all.

I read (or devour depending on how you look at it) A LOT of books. And get 2-3 books and reviews done a week minimum. I do have my own FAQ and reviewing policy as well as contact info for anyone curious (or whoever wants to recommend me a book).

I hope everyone enjoys my reviews. Any questions, comments, suggestions are welcome.

-Blow Pop

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dusting off the cobwebs...

Holy shit, it's been more than a year since we've last used this thing. I think I almost forgot we even had one! :-P Joking of course, heh, anyway I hope all of y'all are doing fine (the ones that still actually read these posts) and that we could get a quick heads up to pass along to anybody you wish. With the up and coming annual purge of D-Student Productions it's important to know that we really need to individually do our parts as a community to get our company out there. A simple share of a link literally takes 2 seconds.. Seriously, share this blogger post to your closest open social media tab and see if that was too difficult. Here, I'll even make it easier for your if you cant handle the control AND the c button at once (or just roaming around our blogger page).

Official D-Student Productions Website:

Like the official page on Facebook at:

Twisted Queens (our models that'll make you wish you had a 3D printer):

D-Student Merch FB Page:

BTS @ D-Student Page:

Memes that only a D-Student would think of:

Our D-Students from Down UNDAH:

Our enlightened successors:





Damn, that took way more time than I initially estimated LOL you're welcome fuckers.

Burnt Out,

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Week as Howard Stern

This has been one of the craziest stretches of time in our entire history...

It started with our show Friday, which went well... shortly after, the channel manager's broadcast started prematurely, and revealed him on the phone with a higher-up at YouNow who was trying to talk him into cancelling our show. He defended us to the very end and was the sole reason we are still alive on that network. We got more complaints from retards who think the characters in our show are real people, having real interactions. The conclusion was the network wanted what the network always wants... numbers.

We began an all-hands-on-deck promotion that has gone very poorly, as all but a few people have failed to spend five minutes inviting people to the Facebook event we created. We began planning an all-star show with extra preparation for all of our best characters...

...Among this, two groups have sprung up out of nowhere, whose sole purpose is to mock, degrade, and talk people out of being part of D-Student: The "A-Students" and "V-Unit". The irony is both groups are led by friends of D-Student, whom are so damn good snake-charmers they really have people coming out of the wood-works now openly blasting their dislike for D-Student, all for reasons that aren't even real (the typical misunderstandings... sexual exploitation of women, being a cult, forcing members to get naked, making people pay to be members). People are more inclined to believe their own imagination than someone presenting facts anyway, but with two groups of people now backing the imagination, it's now pouring out into the open and now phone calls are coming in to me from the one of the people behind the movement, saying "dude I'm sorry, this went way too far... I did not expect this."

At D-Student, we like wrestling... it's soap opera for men. And that's what we do. And I don't mind writing about this here, because no one's opinion will change anyway even if they read this. They will believe the characters and actions in the drama are all real.  So we roll with it... this Friday night will be the biggest controversial night in YouNow history. I am the puppet master, pulling all the strings... but the puppets are real, and so are all the lines they say. But it's not because people are stupid... our performers are just THAT good. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Just another mindfuck brought to you by D-Student Productions.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Great Week

When it rains, it pours... and for the time being, it's raining gold.

We've added six new members to the Fullerton HQ chapter, including a new photographer, a new Twisted Queen, and an event coordinator who is going to be working on a Club D-Student monthly event. We also have two new shows confirmed for the new year that will broadcast on D-TV.

With heavy hearts, and confused minds, we have stripped the Sgt at Arms patch from DrunksRUs, who has gone MIA for several weeks. We still consider him a D-Student until we're told by him otherwise, and we hope he is okay wherever he is. This comes at a very unusual time when he was set to be a major player in future events that would've lined his pockets with cash. Time has a way of healing just about everything, and we hope we haven't seen the last of one of our favorite DJs and brothers.

Speaking of Sgt at Arms, the Drifters have finally elected one, Billy Hosh (DemonElite) based out of Maryland. His technical knowledge and calm demeanor will add to a chapter that is taking on a much different approach than the HQ chapter. The Drifters have chosen the family and support aspect of D-Student to be their main focus, and a great choice that is looking to be.

D-Student really feels like it's on the cusp of breaking out and blowing up. We've had repeated messages from The Slidebar asking us about our Twisted Queens and saying they've been seeing us popping up everywhere. We want to thank all the supports as well as the haters for sharing and talking about D-Student and helping us get to this point.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spare some change?

D-Student Productions continues to evolve...

It's been a straight-to-VHS sketch comedy crew, to a YouTube video crew, to a party crew, to near-death, and now it's bigger than ever, as a real company spanning multiple chapters across the world. One thing that's always been consistent... It's still D-Student.

"Thaaaat's D-Student"

"Ah, it's just D-Student"

What does that mean, exactly?

D-Student has a certain way things are done, for better or worse. We're cheap. We're doing a million things at once. It takes forever to complete one project. We have fun. It never feels like we're at work. It's never about the money.

Real companies need to make money to survive. As we continue to grow, we're faced with the situation that we have more work, more projects, in more areas than we have hands and time to do it. We've delegated eagerly to anyone and everyone willing to pitch in... from small tasks, to even starting up entire new chapters. The result is a resounding groan of frustration. You don't need talent, money, brains, experience or good looks to succeed in D-Student. Just transportation and reliability. We'll train anybody willing to put in the time. The plans are all laid out, the thinking done.

We know millions of people volunteer at other organizations and are held to high standards of responsibility. Yea... the word "responsible" was just typed in a D-Student blog. It has been embraced from the top, but the trickle is slow. People liked the days where they could just show up to the D-Student house and get drunk on any given night. Those days aren't exactly over, but the house is getting full and we need a larger place to do our work... and that means we have to have a steady income, if even meager.

How will we take that next step?

A lot will be changing next year... and it will be for the better. We will be a lot more things in addition to the D-Student everybody knows and loves/hates.

This blog is just the beginning.